Friday, September 26, 2008

Recession, God Damn financial meltdown!

Hey ho all,
so there's a recession in Ireland, and everywhere else really, the U.S. banks have collapsed because they gambled too much on shitty bets and now they need to be bailed out by the working class and middle class tax payers, so they can keep their yachts and holiday villas. Thats fair. So this month to counter the global financial doom I am going to be animating money, thousands of euros and dollars floating in the city streets, in the valleys of the countryside, in the schoolyards, in the sweatshops of Asia...and then hopefully it will cheer everybody up, and we can start spending cash again. Hurrah! reality, I'm working on some new stuff but I don't have any work in progress pics to show so maybe I'll have something to post next month.

Damn it I won't eat beans!
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