Monday, August 18, 2008

New look website and blog!

So I've just finished revamping my main website, it took a while to convert all of the old videos to flash videos. I'm very happy with the design, all I have to do is change my webhosting company because the one I'm currently with is rubbish and so slow that my flash videos are playing stuttered first time they are played, but ok second time they are played coz they've been loaded into memory or something. Still though, its not good enough and my domain name is currently being transferred. You can't have a stuttering showreel, no siree. My blog is all new looking from today onwards too.

Here's a still from my latest film which was made for BBC Northern Ireland's 'Days like this' series, which you can see clips of by clicking on my showreel at narfnarf. The full short film won't be online until after it has been televised, sometime close to Christmas on BBC. Thanks for viewing, later square eyes

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