Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In the thick of it

Hello again, well after going on holiday to Cyprus and getting tonsilitis right in the middle of it and having to go to hospital I'm back. I'm still chugging away on the film. I've got most of the exterior of the apartment building done as you see in the pic. At the moment I'm working on the park beside the building, which will be in the background during most of the film. I was going to use 3D trees and bushes but they seem to slow everything down so much during rendering that it would take 1hr 20 mins per frame! Screw that! I'm going to have to be economical and use multiple photos of trees and bushes on planes. It should look just as good. Or maybe better. The main character is completely modelled, costumed, setup for morphing/expressions and hair. At the moment I'm just getting his bone Rigging and Skinning finished so hopefully I can do some animation tests soon and the fun can begin. Oh yeah I started composing the score for the film and thats almost complete too, good ol' Reason. Until next time....
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