Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tedious Shit! (Hair and Cloth simulations)

...Yeeeaaargh! I've been working on hair and cloth simulations for 3 weeks now and its a royal pain in the arse. Its almost done and I've written down my settings so I don't have to wander aimlessly through guides and tutorials again. No matter how many times you do these simulations you never remember the settings exactly when you try again 2 weeks later. So, anyway as you see in the pictures above and below the character is coming along nicely. I'm fairly happy with the comparisons to my drawings. I've just got to keep the eyebrows settings seperate from the head hair settings in the simulator.
The Clothing on the character just needs some details, a bit more texture mapping, some pockets etc. I'm not gonna get bogged down in texture mapping though, coz its the worst thing I can think of doing for a day. I'm just dying to get animating this guy. It took a while to get the cloth to act like a real pair of overalls. I think these simulators have the cloth moving way too much during animation under their presets for 'cotton' lets say, it moves more like silk.

So Yay! I got stuck into the characters expression through the morpher. I love doing this bit. I've got a total of 14 mouth shapes and expressions, and 13 eyebrow/cheek/forehead expressions. So I'm very happy with his range of 'Acting'. As you see in the image above, this is his angry expression (with the hair simulator off) I believe him. So, right, I'm moving on to the other character after I've finished the bones/skin system on this guy. Then maybe a bit of set modelling. Until next time. Keep it foolish!

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