Monday, December 18, 2006

Album Cover Artwork

Last March I started designing the album cover for my bands debut album. I love the old Roxy music album covers from the 70's and wanted to create something like that, so it would grab people's attention on the shelves, and not look like your typical boring as indie irish rock band. You know the type, the band photgraphed in a blurry way looking in different directions in a forest or on a beach. Anyway I started out with a sketch of a girl. A pretty rough sketch it was too, but I would be using it as a template to create my Frankenstein girl, a collage made up from 30 or 40 different images of fashion models I nicked from the interweb. Here's the first sketch above.. I basically started cutting pieces out of photos that I thought would fit nicely over the drawing. All of this was photoshop work of course. Every single piece of a photo I used had to have a layer of its own so I could get the proportions right later on...

...stage 3 - Finding the clothing as a decent size image from the net is hard. Most images on the net are horrible quality, so I turned to some fashion magazines too. I found some good legs though...
.....Stage 4 - I changed the top to a pink one then, with Hue saturation editing. Found a decent belt, sure she's looking better than Twink already. Deadly!

...Stage 5 - when I had her almost finshed I brought the image into 3DStudio Max so I could create a backgound behind her and light it nicely. I'll post the rest up tomorrow
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