Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Album Cover Artwork - Part 2

Stage 6 ...so here's the rest of the cover work in progress. After I brought the photoshopped collage of the girl into 3DsMax I had to sort out a really good outline so her shadow would appear more realistic. This took a bit of tedious tracing around the edges. Then I applied some light tracer lighting and a couple of raytraced shadows from spotlights, with a hint of yellow, so it would look more outdoors.

Stage 7 ...et voila! I modelled some random stuff like cans, ciagarette boxes, and butts and randomly chucked them onto the ground, just like I do in real life. The yellow wall looked better than the pink one. I took some of the textures of the ground from photos I took while on holiday in Cuba, Havana streets or something. Also along the way I thinned out her figure a bit, because it was a bit out of proportion earlier. I'm well chuffed with that shit I tell ye
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