Friday, July 31, 2009

New Character Animation Work

Sneaking Walk Cycle - by Fran Power from Narfnarf on Vimeo.

Hello again, well this month I've been plodding my way through Maya 3D, its been a mix of satisfaction and frustration as it is quite a bug filled program. Yet it is amazing for Skinning a character to a rig, and there are lots of rigging tools for it available as MEL scripts online. For the most part I'm really enjoying learning it. So as I'm almost up to scratch on everything I need to know in Maya, I will be uploading an animated scene soon using a character I modelling, textured, and rigged using the book 'Mastering Maya 7', some Digital Tutors and Gnomonology training videos.

This clip is of the character made learning Maya, doing a sneaking walk cycle, he's a supervillain, I haven't named him yet.

PS: The clip will appear soon, I'm waiting for Vimeo to sort out their uploading problem
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