Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Work in Progress : 3D Photorealism

Well, my website is back to normal and as you can see I've been busy working on this model here. That rendering of the hand is still a work in progress (needs to look a bit more slender), I've still got to finish the bump maps and specular maps but you get the idea. I've never created a photo-realistic 3D character before so I thought I might as well challenge myself. Its a female character model and the entire body is about 75% complete. I'm still working on the feet, and I've yet to tackle the eyebrows and eyelashes etc.. I'm learning alot, and even though texturing a character with this level of detail is tedious as hell, I reckon next time I need to do something like this I will fly through it. Once I'm finished the entire skin texturing process I'll model a few outfits for her then put a quick animation scene together maybe using that ship interior I made last month. It will take a couple of weeks to render but its worth it.
If you are interested in learning how to model characters like this then you should visit Its a great website, with loads of tutorials and techniques for 3D explained. Until next time..


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