Sunday, December 17, 2006

3D Forest layout [Work in progress]

Just working on a new 3D showreel at the moment, I wanted to put some of my sketches and works in progress up on this blog, so I'll start off with a forest scene I was working on with my first year class for 3D layout. I found this Layout sketch in an article about Open Season, its one of the rough layouts from the movie. So I decided it would be good to show them how to work from a sketch.

Firstly I blocked out the scene with rough shapes a couple of trees and some basic lighting. Then I drew up a displacement map for the river, and continued populating the scene.

Then I created a water material and a fog environment, changed the lighting to blue, and already it started to look more atmospheric... I kept on adding trees, with more leaves and also I increased the fog. I dimmed the lighting a little too. So next I'm going to work on the tree in the foreground and make it as detailed and strongly textured as possible, and model some overhanging branches with leaves.
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