Thursday, May 21, 2009

Motion Graphics stuff

Car Animation - Motion Graphics from Narfnarf on Vimeo.

Hi everyone, this month I've been mainly learning some new tricks and techniques. This 10 second animation was made using just a couple of photos and After Effects, and of course a great tutorial on GreyScaleGorilla, which is a really cool site for learnig Motion Graphics. I've a link to it on the right, check it out. I'm also continuing my other projects in Maya, which I'll be posting next month. I think Jaguar will be well pleased that I'm making them free car commercials, so I'm expecting a free car in the post. Thanks guys, I just bought some fluffy dice to stick on the rear view mirror.

The car won't fit in the letterbox so just drop me a line ok? 

Oh yeah, you might need to click on the title link just below the video here to watch it full screen on Vimeo, blogger cuts off the widescreen frame a bit.